Indielab Games exists to help the games industry grow. Through masterclasses, seminars and events hosted both regionally and nationally, the organisation aims to help founders and business leaders within the games sector drive the industry forward.

As part of this mission, the company have launched a new in-person and virtual programme: the Indielab Games UK Accelerator 2023. This new project is one of our Creative Skills Fund Recipients for 2023/34 and will provide three months of support to emerging games studios across Wales. Participants will benefit from dedicated in-depth masterclasses and briefings with industry leaders, major studios, investors, publishers and decision-makers from all across the games sector. There’ll also be the chance to hear from legal and financial specialists.

It is hoped the project will help games studios unlock their potential so they can continue to grow, innovate, and attract future investment to Wales. Indielab says that the programme is underpinned by its core values – this means making sure their participants understand that promoting an inclusive and diverse games industry is essential for long-term creative and commercial success.

As part of the programme, Cardiff – alongside Glasgow and London – will host several industry-wide networking events. Their goal is to bring the games community together and create networking opportunities, as well as future partnerships and collaborations. There’ll also be additional virtual sessions inviting companies to attend pitch workshops.

If you want to read more about our Creative Skills Fund, head here. Or to find out more about the work Indielabs do, visit their website.


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