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There’s a vast amount of work going on in our creative industries in Wales, from world-famous screen production to behind-the-scenes advances in research and development. Our goal is to support our creative sectors and drive growth in our economy.

At the heart of these sectors, you’ll find experienced people and businesses – from musicians who work with animators to TV studios that make adaptions of books. If you want to break into the creative industries in Wales, there’s opportunity, funding and training available to support you – whatever your skills and interests.

While each of our creative sectors has its own part to play in our national story, together they showcase a country bursting with ideas, imagination and resourcefulness. Read more about our different sectors and discover why talented creatives choose Wales as the place to build a successful business or forge a thriving career.

We want to drive growth across the creative industries, making Wales a place where talented people and businesses can produce their best work.

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