The Creative Skills Action Plan is focused on the short and long-term skills needs of our three main sectors: music, digital content and screen.

The action plan was shaped by the Creative Skills Advisory Panel – a group of industry experts established by Creative Wales in May 2022. It's a three-year plan that will continue to evolve as we respond to future challenges and opportunities in the creative industries.

The Creative Skills Action Plan identifies 10 priority areas for skills needs that must be addressed for our workforce to thrive. They include: 

  • Business and leadership training
  • Talent support
  • Improve diverse and inclusive recruitment
  • Entry-level placements and opportunities
  • Upskilling placements and opportunities
  • Education and new curriculum
  • Careers awareness
  • Innovation
  • Bridging the gap between further education/ higher education (FE/HE) and industry
  • Well-being of the workforce and support for freelancers

As part of our action plan, we introduced a new Creative Skills Fund. You can read more about the fund here.


Our ten priorities to address skills needs over the next three years

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