About Sinema Cymru

Sinema Cymru is an exciting new collaboration between Creative Wales, S4C and Ffilm Cymru to support Welsh Language feature films with international big screen potential.

Under the Sinema Cymru programme, a minimum of three feature films will be developed a year, with one of these being selected for production funding. 

Sinema Cymru aims to put Welsh Language film on the map by fast-tracking independent Welsh Language films, which are bold, unconventional, and have the potential to gain international cinema release. The programme particularly wants to champion under-represented voices in the depiction of the Welsh Language and to push the boundaries of what we know as Welsh Language film.

A talent development programme as well as film fund, Sinema Cymru will work with creative teams to develop bespoke career development plans as well as project support. 

Eligibility criteria

  • Three films will be selected for development annually. One out of these will be selected for production and a full festival life and theatrical release will be pursued by the producer prior to broadcast by S4C. 
  • Applications must include a lead writer, director or producer who is born or based in Wales (but not all roles need to be filled at the point of application) 
  • Applicants should have relevant experience of work in the creative industries. We don’t expect all core team members to be experienced in screen but will ultimately be looking for a balance of experience across team members. 
  • Not all members of the writing, directing, producing team need to be fluent Welsh speakers – we can even offer support for Welsh lessons for individuals to improve their existing Welsh Language capability, particularly in writing in Welsh. 
  • Films should be feasible within a budget of under £2 million (but no lower than £350,000)
  • Teams will be offered up to £30,000 for the development period, with potential for further financial support, and will then have the opportunity to gain a £1 million commission from S4C and up to £600,000 from Creative Wales. Creative Wales funding for the programme is managed by Ffilm Cymru. The producer may apply the value of the UK Tax credit to this amount to further increase the available production budget.  
  • Teams will need to make a sufficient time commitment to meet the timeframes of the scheme, with an aim for one project to go into production within a year. 
  • Bursaries will also be available to support with this time commitment and to address any other barriers to participation in the scheme. We can for example support with costs such as childcare or an interpreter.  
  • Teams will additionally be provided with a bespoke package of support for elements such as mentorship or market attendance that will support the development of their career and their film.

How to apply

This fund is being administered via Ffilm Cymru Wales. For more information, and to download an application please visit their website.