Launched in August 2021, the Honey Sessions from Beacons – the organisation aimed at encouraging young people into the music industry ­– provides an opportunity for aspiring songwriters, artists, producers and project managers who want to work in hip hop, rap and grime, R&B and pop music in Wales.

Spearheaded by musician and Beacons officer Sizwe Chitiyo, the initial project provided five young artists and five young producers between 16-26 years old the possibility of working together to make new music. Thanks to high-profile industry professionals, the talented individuals were given help, mentorship and guidance to boost their knowledge of the music industry ­– with particular emphasis on the MOBO genre. The project outcome? A diverse collection of new products (new music) originating from Wales, alongside new knowledge and networks.

Three musicians sitting together to play – including a saxophone player and a cello player
Medium shot of a musician standing in front of a camera on set
The Honey Sessions offers help and support to upcoming musicians. 

It's not just about making music. All those involved also get access to exclusive talks from industry experts – including professionals from Sony Music ­– in everything from talent scouting and artists and repertoire (A&R) to social media know-how for promotion and distribution.

 In 2021, we part-funded the first instalment of Honey Sessions and will continue to support them again in 2022. Our goal was to help give recognition to the significance of this project, its aims and achievements for young people in Wales and beyond. 

 Want to find out more about the Honey Sessions? Head to their website.