Founded in 2008, Sugar Creative is one of the leading creative technology companies in Wales. But what does a creative technology company do? Well, to put it simply, it creates immersive experiences, offers creative consultancy, and delivers technology-led solutions for all different types of clients across the world – including the likes of Aardman, BBC, Dr Seuss, Toyota, and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed.

Sugar Creative’s work covers a broad range of sectors too, with projects ranging from education to medicine, communication to brand impact, culture to storytelling and entertainment. As a company, it has three main goals: to showcase to the world the highly skilled talent and mindset that’s coming out of Wales, generate innovative forward-thinking solutions for clients that push the industry forward, and empower individuals and the sector to achieve more. 

The company values and embraces its Welsh connections and understands its importance ­– making Wales a rival to the biggest countries for tech innovation and creativity around the globe. Sugar believes in the reciprocal relationship that is constantly nurtured with the Welsh community by creating opportunities for inward investment, through career and upskilling opportunities, and championing diversity in the organisation and sector.

Blue, purple and red graphic image of Project V.
Shot of park overlayed with animated Dr Seuss illustration of an elephant.
Sugar Creative wants to make sure Wales is a leading country for tech innovation and creativity. 

The company has ongoing partnerships with several Welsh universities to support student mentoring opportunities and work experience and to encourage the next generation of creative voices and talent in this exciting, immersive sector. 

Sugar also has an upcoming partnership with National Museum Wales for Arall, using XR technologies to decolonise the museum collection and tell its wider stories. It is also part of the GALWAD team, a ground-breaking piece of work sitting within Unboxed Festival that explores our imagined shared futures across Wales. 

We’ve enabled Sugar to showcase its work and foster relationships at a range of international conferences including the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and Creativity World Forum. We’ve also helped the award-winning company secure partnerships and funding to fulfil its project visions.

 What does the future hold for Sugar Creative? Here are three projects to look out for:

  • A partnership with Ubisoft and Hampshire Cultural Trust for an immersive, city-wide experience based in the world of Assassin’s Creed
  • The launch of a new Welsh Government-backed work, Project V, a VR storytelling engine enhanced with ground-breaking BSL visual captioning – an industry first
  • A series of talks at Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2022 and mentoring programmes around the world, all aimed at empowering both individuals and the sector