Bomper Studio, Wales 

In Wales, animation goes to the heart of who we are – passionate storytellers with big ideas and lots of creative talent. 

Our rich history is built on homegrown hits, from SuperTed to Rastamouse, while our future is being driven by productions such as Dave Spud and Cyw. Wales-based studios also produce award-winning hand-drawn work from the likes of Joanna Quinn at Beryl Productions, and quality commercial shorts from studios like Bomper Studio in Caerphilly.

As an exciting industry that overlaps many others, from music to games, we recognise the potential of the animation sector. We also recognise the challenges in ever-changing markets. We're here to support the animation scene as it responds to these challenges, while continuing to champion the skilful companies and creatives at its core.

Our aim is to continue to support and celebrate the industry as companies explore new content platforms, projects and revenue streams.

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