The games industry in Wales isn’t here to mess around. From next generation AI projects to video gaming tournaments, the sector is focused on driving innovation with cutting-edge technologies and experiences. In this round-up, we explore four of the top projects you should know about – as well as introduce you to the companies and organisations behind their success.

Fly high with Paradrop VR

Digital pioneers, Frontgrid have made it their mission to reimagine and redesign how we experience the world. Their cutting-edge technology and talent mean they can create any VR environment you can imagine. 

With funding support from our Digital Development Fund, Frontgrid launched Paradrop VR – a multiplayer VR under canopy flying experience which invites you to soar through the skies on a virtual adventure.

Do you know Who Pressed Mute On Uncle Marcus?

Two of Wales’ most innovative companies, Wales Interactive and Good Gate Media have launched a new FMV interactive game, Who Pressed Mute On Uncle Marcus? In this murder mystery with a difference, it’s down to you to uncover who poisoned Marcus by questioning family members via a virtual video call. The game is the sixth collaboration from Wales Interactive and Good Gate, showcasing how our games companies are teaming up to drive success within the industry. 

If you want to play detective, the game is available on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac (via Steam), PlayStation and Xbox.

Will you solve the mystery of Uncle Marcus?

Tiny Rebel Games brings us the Petaverse

Are you ready to be a virtual pet owner? South Wales-based, award-winning games and AR developer, Tiny Rebel Games have raised $7m to create a new project for us: introducing the Petaverse Network. Embracing the potential of web3, Petaverse is building an open standard for digital pets. Within it, you can adopt virtual companions and take them with you as you explore the metaverse. Using AR technology, your pet will grow, evolve and learn as you interact with them.

This project is the latest in a string of releases from Tiny Rebel Games, who have over 20 years’ experience in next-level game production. They were selected as part of Clwstwr's 2021 research and development cohort to help them explore how they could bring their AR pets vision to life.


RUNWILD Entertainment releases Almighty: Kill your Gods

In this new update for their third-person action RPG (role-playing game), RUNWILD Entertainment bring a mix of combat and crafting by inviting you to take on the persona of a magical warrior. This beautifully designed game is the latest in a collection from the talented and creative developers based in Caerphilly. They specialise in designing interactive experiences people can share and enjoy together, including multi-player games like this one. For this project, RUNWILD Entertainment tapped into support from our Digital Development Fund, which focuses on helping the development of new game concepts. 

Animated shot of game Almighty showing cliffside town and animated characters
Become the ultimate warrior in Almighty: Kill your Gods